Ingredients: (4 servings)

Pulled desalted cod (400 g)

Onion (3 units)

Green pepper (2 units)

Egg (2 units)

Flour (100 g)

Breadcrumbs soaked in milk (100 g)

Chopped parsley

Sautéed Huétor Tájar wild asparagus (12 units)

Olive oil (1 dl.)



Fry the green pepper and onion on low. In half a litre of water, cook the pulled cod for 20 seconds and set the water aside. Divide the fried onion and green pepper in 2 equal parts.

Mix one of the parts with 4 stems of chopped asparagus, the pulled cod, breadcrumbs, and chopped parsley. Form the balls and let cool.

Mix one part of the fried onion and pepper with the cod and mash together. This will be the sauce.

Fry the meatballs in flour and egg before serving. Once fried, pour on the sauce and finish with the rest of the sautéed asparagus.

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