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Andalusian Cooperative Centro-Sur


To provide high-quality, healthy, and innovative food products, generating the best returns for our people, our clients, and our farmers, through specialisation and by offering unique products.


To achieve the highest profitability, sustainability, and excellence for our farmers’ crops, to be the leading asparagus cooperative in Europe.


Our values as an Andalusian cooperative

Trust and ethical conduct towards our community:

At Centro Sur we are committed to being honest and transparent with our members, clients, consumers, suppliers, and employees.

Participation, collaborative spirit, and the search for excellence:

We believe in effort, team work, and constant dedication to becoming better every day.


We create long-term, mutually beneficial relationships.

Social responsibility:

At Centro Sur we work to have a positive social impact on society. We spread healthy social involvement through sponsorships, sport collaborations, gastronomy, and food banks.