Ingredients: (4 servings)

Huétor Tájar wild asparagus (20 units)

Veal cheek cooked in the traditional way (1 kg)

Water (1 l)

Soy lecithin powder (20 g)



Make a traditional veal stew with vegetables, red wine, spices, etc. This produces a tender meat in its own juices.

Let the meat slowly absorb the flavour of the sauce. This is what makes it “braised”.

Separately, combine the drained asparagus and mash them. Drain the mixture and add lecithin. Blend to incorporate air and start giving it some body. Store cold for the air to stabilise.

Serve the veal in sauce with wild asparagus with the foam on top. The asparagus foam will give an acidic touch to the meat which will enhance its flavour.

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